Here are some of the key features of NotBlock:

  • NotBlock can show images with your music notes and scores as jpeg, png and bmp directly inside your daw.
  • NotBlock can also show RTF-text files directly in your daw.
  • You can access 128 patches/programs with 128 images each and all patches has it’s own settings.
  • You can switch between your pages using midi keys, buttons on the plugin user interface, swipe left/right, and go to the next image using the controller of your choice (default is CC# 64 – sustainpedal).
  • You can switch patch using midi and controller that you assign or buttons on the screen.
  • Each patch can store settings for Touch on/off, Midi CC# and on/off including the controller of your choice, keymode on/off, program-change on/off and the default start image.
  • NotBlock has a built-in editor for editing your images (not jpeg or png, only bmp) with touch/pen support and also a RTF editor with full font-setup including text-color.
  • You have four diffrent pen-presets to chose from with custom color and width. Use white to erase.
  • You have five levels of undo and one level of redo while editing notes/scores.
  • When creating a new image (as bmp) you can have eight difftern templates of your choce to start with depending of what you are going to notate.
  • You also have eight templates for RTF-files for writing notes fast on the fly.

NotBlock is avaiable as VSTi-plugin for VST-compatible host in Windows 64-bit and 32-bit format. It has been tested on Cubase 10 elements 64-bit, Cubase 11 AI 64-bit, Reaper 64-bit, Cacewalk by Bandlab 64-bit and Savihost VST3.

NotBlock acts like a VST-instrument but does not produce any sound at all. You might mute the NotBlock track.