Remote controll (VST-GUI):

Notice! The VST-Gui needs to be opened to sedan the triggers to the client. If you need to hide it just drag it outside the screen. 🙂

The GUI shows the server-ip that you need to connect the server on the first row.
It also shows the command you are sending on the second row.
On the third row it shows the numbers of connected clients.

The red square shows midi activity.

Klicking the Blue Feet opens and the MVP logo (this page).

The buttons on the lower part is your remotecontroll.

From upper left:

  • Blackimage Show/Hide.
  • Videoplayer Show/Hide.
  • Blackoutmovie Show/Hide.
  • Single-Camera 1 Show/Hide.
  • Single-Camera 2 Show/Hide.
  • Single-Camera 3 Show/Hide.
  • Dual-Camera 4-5 Show/Hide.

Row two from left:

  • Movie PLAY.
  • Movie PAUSE.
  • Movie STOP.
  • Movie Restart.
  • Movie -10 sec.
  • Movie +10 sec.
  • Movie Loop On/Off.

The remote are created to be fingerfriendly for touch on stage. It can be used if something happens or if a midi-event are missed etc.