The GUI (User interface):

To the left of the top-panel you have checkboxes for switching on/off the four modes:
  • Key-mode: Select image using midi. All images/scores/notes have a number linked to a midi key (0-127, C3 – middle C is 64).
  • Folder Change (ProgramChange in V1.0): Select patch using Midi-CC#. You can edit the desired CC#-number. A program is a collection of images and can hold it’s own settings.
  • CC#-Mode: Step to next image (increase number by one) using the midi-controller of your choice. You can edit the desired controller after the CC#: by clicking on it and type in the number you want. Default is CC#64 (sustain pedal).
  • Touch-Mode: You can switch picture by swypeing left or right on the picture. Needs some practicing.
The Image-lable shows the loaded image full path. You can klick it and open the image in your default program. The Patch-lable shows the loaded/selected patch full path, the patch-folder. You can click it to open the patch-folder in explorer. The Program-lable shows the patch/program number. You can klick on the number and type in the number you want to load. You can have 128 (0-127) diffrent patches. The Key-lable shows the number of the selected key, or pressed by midi. You can type in the number of the key/image you want to load. If the key/number has a corresponding image it will be loaded.
To the right of the top-panel you have 4 style-slots for pen settings. When you enter edit-mode the first slot will be selected. To Select at slot click on the kolor and you can see it will be selected. After the color you have a number with the width of the pen. You can click it and enter the width. When changeing width it will be saved to styles-file. Chose color using color button. The button with the blue feet to the right shows the about dialog.
  • Close the about dialog.
  • Show the NotBlock help-page online in browser (this page).
Description of the icons in the top-panel:
  • Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är BACK.png Step to the previous/next image. You can also swipe left/right on the screen or step to next image using Controller mode (midi) or switch freely between the images using key-mode (midi).
  • Clear the image and insert new image from one of the eight image-templates or RTF-Tempales for RTF-mode. You can also import PDF-file using this button.
  • Edit the loaded image. Does not work on JPG- or PNG- images, only Bitmaps (BMP). The pencil in the icon changes to red from white when in edit-mode. To exit editmode click the red pencil. RTF-files are always in EDIT-mode.
  • Undo and Redo your edits. You have five levels of undo and one level of redo.
  • Save your edited image or RTF-file. NorBlock will make a backup of your old image named “NR.bmp.bkup” when saving the new image. When saving an image from a template it will be saved and assigned to the midikey of the number in the Key-label (key-edit). Saving a RTF does not remove images but are loaded befor images so when deleteing a RTF the image will be showed if it exists.
  • Step to previous/next patch. A patch is a program with it’s own settings and are stored in the folder with the patch number. You can change this using MIDI-ProgramChange.
  • Save settings for the loaded patch. Saves modes, midi-controller and default image to load.
  •  Chose color of thye four pen-slots. Changingh color will directly save settings to the Styles-file.
To remove a PDF- or RTF-file just delete it from the data-folder or for RTF right-click and chose Delete RTF. You can format your RTF-text if you select your text and right-click.