Using local Midi-interface:

To use MVP on local computer using midi-interface follow this guide:

  1. Of course you have added your videos and Black-image…
  2. Connect your Midi-Keyboard to the computer.
  3. Start MidiVideoPlayer.exe.
  4. Doubleclick the midi-interface in the list to activate it. It will say (Open) when connected.
  5. You can select midi-channel to recieve or leave it as it is (ALL) for recieving all channels.
  6. Ready to go!

Try this:

  1. Load any video using a key (one you added). It will buffer and pause at the first frame.
  2. Press C3 (key 60) and your blackimage will show.
  3. Press D3 (key 62) to start the loaded movie.
  4. Press C#3 (key 61) to show the movie.
  5. wait… and look at the movie.
  6. Press C#3 (key 61) to hide the movie.
  7. Press E3 (key 64) to stop the movie.
  8. Press C3 (key 60) and your blackimage will hide.

Easy. Now you can see the log-file to the left.
When you close MVP the log-file will be saved to c:\blafotproduktion\MVP\LOGS\