Important info and Installation:

Here are some important information about MidiVideoPlayer.

MidiVideoPlayer can be used in tree diffrent ways:

  1. Used on one computer using only the player-program (the client) and a local midi-interface.
  2. Used on one computer using the player-program (the client) and the VST-Plugin (the server) from a DAW on the same computer local network using LOCALHOST (IP:
  3. Used on two computers, one as the PLAYER/Client with the client and your videos and images and one as the SERVER with the PLUGIN/Server loaded in any VST3-compatible DAW used realtime or midi programmed.


-The Player:
-MidiVideoPlayer-64.exe -The actual player, the client. 64-bit.
-MidiVideoPlayer-32.exe -The actual player, the client. 32-bit.
Needs a personal license-code to work in non DEMO-mode, you can purchase your license in our webshop.

-MVP-VST-64.vst3 -The 64-bit plugin to controll MVP-player from daw using LAN, the server.

The plugin does not need a license-code but it makes no sense to use the plugin only.

Setup the Player:

1: Copy the EXE-file to any place on your player-computer. It does not need any installation.
2: Start MidiVideoPlayer and enter serial/e-mail or use it in DEMO-mode. Then exit. It now has created all folders and files it need.
3: Copy your mp4 movies, jpg-images and backdrop.jpg file to c:\blafotproduktion\MVP\DATA\[PATCH-FOLDER]\
The mp4-files has to be mapped by name to the keys (76.mp4 will be loaded by key 76 on keyboard).

Setup the VST:

1: Copy the VST3-file to your VST3-folder
-Copy the file MVP-VST-64.vst3” to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\
2: Open your DAW and if needed rescan plugins.
3: Locate MidiVideoPlayer as a VST-instrument and add it to a midi-track.


  • MidiVideoPlayer VST must have the vst-editor open to work. If you close the editor you will have to reconnect.
  • If MidiVideoPlayer-VST-plugin editor does not respond to midi and noes not update you can try to use the FIX-mode.1: Copy the file “MVP-VST-FIX” from your setup-tarchive to c:\blafotproduktion\MVP-VST\. Use this fix for GigPerformer.
    The file is used to make MVP-VST to work in a diffrent way for some hosts. More info under Advanced section.

Use MidiVideoPlayer:

When everything is setup just follow the instructions on our website.

Thank you for using MidiVideoPlayer.