DX7-Midi-Fix (Windows 64/32)


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DX7-Midi-Fix is a small tool that can help when using the Yamaha DX7 mk1 as a midi-controller.

The old DX7 does only send velocity 0 to 99 and modern synths use velocity 0-127. When you use a DX7mk1 as a midicontroller you can not get the hardest velocity. When using this tool the velocity is stretched from 0-99 to 0-127 so you can use the whole range.

The DX7 does send CC#6 from the data-slider, CC#11 from the expression pedal and CC#2 from the breath controller. With this tool you can remap those controllers to any other controller. You can have Volume on the data-slider, Modulation on the expression pedal and Expression on the BC, or whatever you want.

You can choose what controller to remap and if you should use velocity-mapping or not (if you are using a DX7s you should not use the velocity fix as it use velocity 0-127).

When you quit the tool it saves all your settings and read it upon next start, except for the midi-in and midi-out.

Midi interfaces has to be choosen every time. Double click to select midi-device.

It will pass aftertouch thru and programchange but filter out realtime information and system exclusive.

Example setup:

DX7 midi in to usb. Select usb in first list.
Virtual midicable out in second list selected in cubase or any other daw/synt.
Select the settings you want.


As virtual midicable you can use this fenomenal utillity: