NotBlock 1.1 R2 (Windows VST3-Plugin)


NotBlock is a Vst-plugin for showing musicakl scores and your notes inside your daw. It can switch pages using midi.

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. 50Have you ever wanted to have your scores, notes and leadsheets inside your daw? To have them automaticly switch page as the song goes on?

Thats what NotBlock does. You load it into your VST®-compatible host and trigger pages of your score or your notes in RichEdit format (RTF) or PDF using midi, programmed in a midi track or in realtime using midi, screen or touch.

You can edit your notes (RTF and images) inside the plugin on the fly using your touchscreen or mouse and use templates to fast, on the set, edit new notes.

Key features:

  • 128 diffrent programs (folders) with it’s own settings (you can change folder using controllchange).
  • Each program can store 128 diffrent notes saved as BMP, PNG, JPG (use pictures of scanned scores etc) or RTF-files or Acrobat PDF-files.
  • Built in editor for both RTF and images for fast and easy editing on the fly.
  • Switch notes using
    • midi keys
    • pedal (or any other controller) for next image
    • buttons on screen
    • swype left/right on the screen
  • Makes no sound at all.
  • Load as VSTi (instrument) in any VST-compatible host.
  • Use it trigged by midi on stage or studio or use it live triggered in realtime using midi or touch.
  • Windows vst 3 (.vst3 extention file) for x86 (32 bit) and x64 (64 bit).
  • NotBlock also switch pages/images if the editor-gui is closed so when you open the editor again the right notes will be ready for you. (When editor is closed it does not change folder but pages).

When ordering NotBlock you will get your personal license-code that you need to register the plugin on your system.

When updateing from v 1.0 you use the same license-code for free update to 1.1. Please download NotBlock 1.1 update for free from the webshop.

More information and help is available on The NotBlock Help page.

Just let your imagination fly. Use it for karaoke lyrics, use it inside long dawprojects to take notes on The fly, as todolist, use it in daw to visually count in to new parts or a song… Just a few ways to use it.

Images and Demos:


NotBlock 1.1 VST3 64-bit under Cubase 11 AI.
Showing a Jpeg-image edited in NotBlock.





NotBlock 1.1 VST3 64-bit under Cubase 11 AI.
Showing a RTF-text edited in NotBlock.





NotBlock 1.1 VST3 64-bit under Cubase 11 AI.
Showing a PDF-file inside NotBlock.





NotBlock 1.1 VST3 64-bit under Cantabile Lite.
Showing an Image.





NotBlock 1.1 VST3 64-bit under Reaper trial.
Showing an Image.




NotBlock does NOT work properly with Gig-Performer but are tested under Cubase 10 Elements, Cubase 11 AI, Reaper Trial, CantabileLite, Cakewalk by Bandlab and SaviHost Vst3 and Jeskola Buzz (polac VST) without problem.

Demo of NotBlock in Cubase AI 11


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