KlippR – Freeware (Win32)


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KlippR (Klipper) is a small app to handle multiple customized clipboards. It can handle 12 clippboards in Txt-format or RTF-format at the same time in the background.
You just hit a short command to insert any of your clipboards.

RTF, RichTextFormat can store images and formatted text. TXT can store unformatted text.

In the main window (hidden when not in edit mode) you have six edit-fields, each with its own setings. You also have six extra clipbords as text files, a total of 12 clipboards.

You can save setups of clips and reload them. All clips are saved when closing windows.

KlippR also supports Drag and Drop.

KlippR works on Windows 7, 8 and 10. 
KlippR is Free! Just put it into the basket and check out.

Here is a manual.