Logger 1.0 (Windows VST3-Plugin)


A simple VST-plugin for logging events to a textfile using midi.

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Logger-VST® is a VST-plugin for VST-compatible hosts.
It does not make any sounds or process audio in any way. What it does is when it recieves midi (midi-key or controllchange, as defined in settings) it will log the date, time and your notes to a log-file.

I developed Logger-VST for my own needs so I can log start of the first song and end of the last song in a set automatic as I play a lot with backingtracks and seven diffrent sets every show.

Then I can keep track of when to go on stage andd how long breaks to take without the need to write down the times myself (cause I forget to do it).

You can log events live using keys and sustain or any controller or log events programmed in daw. It logs even if editor is closed.

It’s a simple plugin. The gui has four tabs.

  • Logfile: Here you can see your logfile. It updates when it recieves midi and add the last log to the end of the file.
  • Notes: Here you see a simple text-file with 128 (0-127) rows. Each row is mapped to a key. Row nr 60 is mapped to key nr 60. You can edit row 60 to what you want (Set 1 start etc) and it will be added to your log when note 60 is pressed.
  • Settings: Some settings.
    • Data-Folder is where your logfiles is saved. If you have NotBlock VST installed Logger will save your data in a folder inside the NotBlock-data folder, in a VST-LOGGER folder.
      If not installed it saves your data on c: and you can edit the file VST-LOGGER.TXT to change the path. Click the datafolder-text to open your datafolder.
    • NEXT CC#. If it is checked you can use any controller that you select in the list to move to next key using a pedal or button etc. Default key is the key it will start (60 and next one is 61 etc).
    • KEY-MODE. If it is checked you can trigger logs using your midi-keys.
  • About: About the plugin. Clich the big i to go to this webpage.

Logger-VST under SavihostVST-64:

Logger-VST is a free plugin.



If your DAW is 32 bit you just copy the file “Logger-32.vst3” to C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesVST3
If your DAW is 64 bit you just copy the file “Logger-64.vst3” to C:Program FilesCommon FilesVST3

If you do not have NotBlock installed you can create a folder for your data and crete a simple VST-LOGGER.TXT file on c: and on the first row of the textfile just add the parh to your folder ending with a .

Run your daw.

We dont take any responsibillity of any kind if you have some trouble from Logger. You use it on your own risk.

Logger does NOT work properly with Gig-Performer but are tested under Cubase 10 Elements, Cubase 11 AI, Reaper Trial, CantabileLite, Cakewalk by Bandlab and SaviHost Vst3 and Jeskola Buzz (polac VST) without problem.

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