Using Cameras:

With MVP 2 you can use 5 ip-cameras. There are 3 windows with full screen of single cameras and one window showing a dual-camera view.

The cameras are showing insode an Microsoft EDGE-Browser embedded in the window so you need to use cameras that can stream raw video to a browser without borders, menues and buttons.

I use five old discarded android phones whit  no battery time and a small app called DriodCamX. Works well. I use it on a dedicated router, also an old smartphone without internet, just use it as a router.

Some things to have in mind:

  • You can use the camera-windows to show webpages.
  • Running the cameras on a slow net or slow cameras can make some lagging.
  • There are always some lagging using ip-cameras and wifi. You have to pay a lot more to avoid it. Sorry.

How to use cameras?

On the top right you have some adressfields for your cameras. Use direct links to the video-stream. Click SHOW-button. Wait and it will show your camera output.
You can now zoom etc and adjust the camera-video to your screen.

Close the window by click the black border once.

On each Camera-window you have a small black square on the top left. It is a button to refresh the browser inside the window.


The adress can not be adjusted without closing the application. Sorry for that.
But it is stored in settings as the application closes.