Using Scripts:

Scripts lets you controll a series of command using just a single midi-message.

Lets say youre a piano-player live and want to controll your videos in realtime.

You use your right foot to controll sustain (cc#64) and have a second foot pedal set to soft (cc#67) as normal for a piano.

You create a script and check the box for enable scripts. Then you set the box to cc67.

Now you can just press ypour foot-pedal and it will run your script untill a blank row. Press it again and it will run next part… Easy.

This only works on local interfaces, not when using VST-plugin.

Lets take a look at one script:

Here the script is enabled and controlled using left piano pedal.

First time you press the pedal it will show the backdrop, wait 500 milliseconds 2 times (1 sec) and then show blackimage and then pause for next command.

Next time you press pedal it will load image/movie 77 and then pause.

Next time it will start play your movie and then show the movie and then pause.

Next time it will close the movie and pause it and pause for next command.

Next time it will hide your blackimage and backdrop and the script is finished.

To run it again just press restart script.

Commands used in scripts:

  • Only numbers of the sending midi-key.
  • Blank row is a separator and means pause/wait for next command.
  • 500 is the code for 500 msec pause.