Filestructure and how NotBlock works:

NotBlock has a file directly under C: on your system drive called “VST-NOTYBLOCK.TXT” that holds the serach-path to the data-folder you created for NotBlock in the initial setup.

In the data-folder there is one GRFX-folder that you installed from your zip-file that holds all system-images for NotBlock.

  • BOTTOM.PNG – The skin of the bottom panel in the GUI.
  • TOP.PNG – The skin of the top panel in the GUI.
  • LEFT.PNG – The skin of the left panel in the GUI.
  • RIGHT.PNG – The skin of the right panel in the GUI.
  • TEMPLATE1.BMP to TEMPLATE8.BMP – Your TEMPLATE-image that you can use as a template for editing scores/notes. You have eight tempaltes. You can edit your own templates in the editor of your choice. Has to be W800 x H530 and saved as BMP.
  • TEMPLATE1.RTF to TEMPLATE8.RTF – Your TEMPLATES for RTF-files. You can edit them in wordpad or word or any other RTF-compatible texteditor. You can not use images.
  • STYLES.TXT – Textfile that holds your four custimated pen setups.

Tips! To make NotBlock as fast and light as posible just remove the skin-files and it will only show a white panel.

The data-folder also contains a file called “temp.txt” that holds the temporary settings of your plugin. Do not edit this file.

There is also a lot of folders with numbers from 0 to 127 that holds the images to display in your plugin, your scores and notes. Inside those folders are your images and also a file called “Patch.txt”. This is your settings for your patch (program-change). Please do not edit this file manually.

Images can be stored in JPG-, PNG- or BMP-format but you can only edit and save BMP-images inside the plugin, it can only show JPG and PNG.

RTF-files can be edited in any RTF-compatible texteditor (word, wordpad, openoffice etc) but NotBlock will not show images embedded in RTF.

When you edit an image or create a new image and save it, the old version of that image will be renamed with an “.bkup” extention so you can recover it.